cloud computing

TuCloud, offer cloud computing services to small to medium sized enterprise companies as well as individuals. The main values that TuCloud wanted to represent in their brand are:  security, reliability and to show the virtual desktops are stored in the cloud. The logotype was created with modern typography and image. Taking in consideration the company wanted to expand the brand keeping the same logo but changing the wording, to create a consistence under the same umbrella brand.

To design the  TuCloud brand, i had many information from the client input, my aim was to create an elegant, simple and professional image, that can identify the services on the cloud, the use of  blue as a main colour to represent trust and security.


Client Experience

This lady is awesome, I spotted her work and invited her into my project and I never regretted it. She consistently produced the best designs and actually listened and though about what I wanted. Top designer with great work ethic and talent. Well recommended !
Guise Bule

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