NADYA VALISH® secures London Roller Marathon contract

We RE elighted😀 to be commissioned to create the branding for the London Roller Marathon, a fun way to increase public awareness about Type1 diabetes. We are going to be working closely with the CEO to ensure the best outcome! SaveSave

Mind the Packaging Gap!

Have you ever bought something only to find out that when you open the product packaging you are disappointed? Maybe the product came packaged in a big package and when you opened it there it was… THE PACKAGING GAP! I call the packaging gap, the unjustified space inside a package. It is the space on the… Read more about Mind the Packaging Gap!

What are you doing this Friday?

So, what will you be doing this Friday? I will be busy working on my online master class presentation, How to Create the Perfect Brand for your Business that I will be hosting for Enterprise Nation in August. So watch this space for more details! Then later today I will be celebrating with my U.K.… Read more about What are you doing this Friday?

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