Too often, some vital details that will add professionalism to your brand, get forgotten in the sea of things to do. Maybe you have done this already but is worth making sure.

Your email address.

You have a business, a website and you still use myname@gmail or my, or what is worst you still use an email address that is not business related, and my question is, why not change it to myname@mycompany, myname@mybusiness?

This is a simple change that will help you to look more professional, perception is very important. and what you are communicating by using own business address is that you are serious, increase trust, and change it now! and please make sure it works, ask a friend to email you do you are sure.

Contact forms

Go to your website and fill up your contact page, and see what happens. does it work?
Just think about you are a client and try to contact, and after giving the information you get an error! would you bother trying to use another method? or will you just find someone else?

Go and check now!


Make sure the images of your website and marketing materials look professional, images are vital to selling your services and products, your images are pa rt of your brand, doesn’t matter what your product is, the word deserve to see it with detail and clarity, no blurry, out of focus images, If your selling online make sure you show all angles of your product, remember you often only get one shot to show what you got so why not make it the best you can.

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