Package design for Pink tequila

Package design for the ultra premium brand pink tequila.

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Mejor® is an ultra premium tequila brand,  who were looking for a package for their new Pink Tequila®,  part of the  specifications given by the client that helped me to deliver the design were:

“Every time you uncork a bottle of Mejor® Tequila, you can be sure the experience will be unlike any other. We know you’ll enjoy the “Mejor Difference”, the finest in aroma, taste, finish and packaging materials unsurpassed by any other brand.”

“Our pink tequila is sophisticated, flirty, clean, modern with an emphasis on top quality materials in glass, packaging and closures.”

As a solution to the Package, the graphics display a large photo of the bottle on the front of the packaging, so the consumer can see the contents inside. The main focus is to show a sophisticated, modern, luxurious and high quality product. The Pink Tequila is  specifically marketed towards women.