Frequently Asked Questions, all that you need to know for starting your design project.

There is a lot of things that you can take on consideration regarding your unique business, for my part, I offer you experience, fluid communication, ability and drive to work at the right times.
Remember when you work with me you not only get great design but also consultation and support!

What are the services I can access?

I can help you in a lot of different ways, most projects are a combination of services, you can find all about my Design services here

I already have a design, can you re-design it for me?

Of course. I understand that sometimes, it is hard for you to change what you already have, please contact me to schedule a discovery session. Depending on the specific project, we can review what is working and what can be improved. As each project is different I will have to evaluate your needs to offer you what will work the best for business.

Can you work with me if I’m in a different country?

Yes, in fact, I have worked with people from all around the world, I can communicate with you via email and we have our meetings via video conference.

Will I get a contract?

Yes,  you will get an agreement with each project, so you can be safe and sure you will get everything right, this agreement includes all the deliverables.

How long does it take to get my design?

It depends on the project, once we have agreed on the needs and goals you will know exactly when the final delivery will be,  most of the time this will depend on 3 factors:
• The scope of the work.
• The information available to work with,
• The Prompt feedback.

Generally, a brand project would be 1-3 weeks,  a small website 4-6 weeks. For an accurate time or if you need something earlier we can speak about,  I would recommend you the best time for the better results.

Do I get all the final files of the design work you create for me?

Yes. You will get all the final files if this is included in the agreement.

How much do I have to invest?

It depends on your specific design project,  and what the goals are.  Once you have detailed and explained your business needs, I will find opportunities to make your business grow.  You will get a  proposal, indicating the inversion tailored to your business needs.  You can send me your design project information, and I will gladly get in contact with you with an estimate for your project.

Tell me about payment

Usually, it is 50% after we agree the scope of the project and 50% when the project gets approved by you. Depending on the project we may agree to payments and deliveries by parts. I kindly accept PayPal payments worldwide, if you are in the UK I can also accept bank transfers.

What about if  I need to contact you about my design, will you be available?

Absolutely. I always ensure each of my clients gets the best one 2 one service. The time of response of emails is almost immediately and within less than 24 hours. Feel free to get in touch.

If you have any other questions that you would like to ask, please contact me.


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