Nadya Quintanilla

Nadya Quintanilla

I specialise working for clients world-wide, giving each client a personalised one to one service to ensure the best possible outcome.

My design is professional, dynamic and passionate. I work in a fast ambience with great strategic vision for design, communications and Innovation.

I believe that: business + design = Innovation
That’s why I offer you a service that balances both business and design,you can be sure your business, brand and products are in the best hands.

Short bio:
My name is Nadya Quintanilla, I am a Salvadorian designer based in London,UK.  I first studied arts at the National Center of Arts CENAR, El Salvador,  I obtained my Bachelor degree in  Graphic Design  at the  Dr. Jose Matias Delgado University, El Salvador.  I studied for my Master in design, management and project development specialising in product & innovation,  I  attend numerous design and business seminars including talks at El Salvador and in the UK.
As an Independent consultant  I have worked in the areas of brandingpackaging and web design. Internationally; I have obtained a greater knowledge working with multidisciplinary teams and maintain a fresh input appropriate to each audience, adjusting to the needs of each brand and customer. This has allowed me to work with clients from countries such as: United States, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Venezuela, Brazil and the United Kingdom.
Previously  I was the head of the graphic design department at a design company, manufacturer and service established in Orlando Florida, with offices in Central America , where I mostly specialised in Graphic design for exhibitions and POP for brands such as Coca Cola, Phillips, Industrias La Constancia, Samsung, Panasonic, TACA. Telefonica , Unilever, Sunsilk, Dove, Rexona, BMI,  Nestle, Sedal,  Claro, Sigma Q,  Calvo, Cutuco Energy, Siemens, Bayer, Radisson,  HSBC.